Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ vs Iron 1200™

Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ vs Iron 1200™

Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ vs Iron 1200™
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Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ vs Iron 1200™

With several dozen Harley-Davidson® models on the market today, we know that narrowing down the options and making a final selection can be a challenge for some of our customers. If you are looking for an aggressive cruiser that is designed to take you the distance, you may have the options narrowed down to two top picks. The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ could have everything that you are searching for in a new bike, and it is frequently compared to the Iron 1200™. The Iron 1200™ is a close sibling of the Iron 883™.

However, when you carefully compare the Iron 883™ vs Iron 1200™, their differences will clearly stand out. After you understand how these two exciting possibilities stack up against each other, you will be able to make your next purchase from Twin States Harley-Davidson® with confidence. What should you know about these cruisers?


Your review of the Iron 883™ vs Iron 1200™ understandably begins with a look at their styles. The Iron 883™ has a powerful look with a solid body and chopped handlebars. The unique design of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ places the rider in a forward stance. Notably, the Iron 883™ has a minimalistic design for the gauge panel and a chrome-accented headlight nacelle. Both models have the same stacked exhaust pipe design and spoke-style wheels. However, the wheels on the Iron 1200™ are solid black, and the Iron 883™’s wheels are black with a machined finish.

The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ has taller, mini-ape-style handlebars, and this creates an upright riding experience. The position of the headlamps places the driver’s gauges at an elevated location compared to the gauges on the Iron 883™. The headlamp is mounted in a shortened, shark-nose-style fairing. The Iron 883™ is available with four dark color options, and the Iron 1200™ has two dark options and a lighter tone available for you to choose from.


There are notable differences in the capabilities of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ and the Iron 1200™. While they both have an inter-cooled Evolution engine. The Iron 1200™ has a larger bore with significantly more displacement. As a result, the Iron 1200™ has more torque with slightly reduced fuel economy compared to the Iron 883™. Both of these models have a chain-style drivetrain as well as dual-piston brakes in the front and rear. While these differences may seem subtle, they are combined with the unique rider’s stance on the bike to create an individual riding experience for each model.


These cruisers have the essential features that you need to feel confident and in control on the road, but they are not weighed down by extras. Notably, the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ and the Iron 883™ have the same essentials. The handlebar-mounted gauges for both models show off an electronic readout for the odometer and the speedometer. The gauge panel also has LED indicator lights, a readout for the engine diagnostics, a low oil pressure warning, a low fuel level warning, a dual trip meter, a clock and a few other features. Additional equipment that you can appreciate when you take your Iron 1200™ or Iron 883™ out for a ride are turn signals, high beams, a security system and anti-locking brakes. As is the case with all Harley-Davidson® models on the market today, there are a wide range of customization options and accessories available for both of these cruisers.

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Is the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ or the Iron 883™ a better pick for you? While reading about their differences can give you solid facts that are important to your buying decision, you also need to know how these models perform before you make your selection. At Twin States Harley-Davidson®, we invite you to stop by our showroom soon to check out the Iron 883™ and the Iron 1200™ in person and to experience their differences with a test ride. Reserve time to meet with one of our sales reps by reaching out to us online or by phone today.