2021 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard in Lebanon NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard in Lebanon NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard in Lebanon NH
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard Overview

When it’s time to cruise, it’s time to have a closer look at the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard in Lebanon. This cruiser is determined to bring a light-off blacked out look to your life. Its one color – Vivid Black – is a one and done because that’s the look this bike is going for. With huge chrome accents all around your blacked out paint choice, you’ll certainly get a win-win situation. Twin States Harley-Davidson® welcomes the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard into our huge inventory by kicking off with a review.


If you want to customize on a blank slate, the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard in Lebanon is a beautiful entry into the mix, serving Lebanon Barre Swanzey Manchester with a plush Softail® frame and plenty of competent power. This one gets a few upgrades this year for maximum versatility and conveniences while riding.


Let’s talk chrome. When you’ve got a straight Vivid Black paint option, you’re going to appreciate those blasts of chrome all around the bike. This year’s Softail® grabs chrome dual exhausts that fly out like wings at the bottom of your bike and hit the mid-point of the wheel for a powerful look. The wheels themselves are rocking some lighter touches, too, with lots of spokes and plenty of style. This year’s fork is chromed out as well. For all the darker touches on the fuel tank and fenders, you’ll find plenty of chrome to contrast with that and stand out.

V-Twin Power

When you’re working with a V-twin, you know you’ll have the power to really test out the roads. This one comes with a Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin for 107 cubic inches of displacement and a “go at will” philosophy. Your controls are mid-mount foot controls for much convenience and a comfortable feel while sitting on the bike. A stretched riding position will keep you active and alert. Even more thoughtful is the 3.5 gallon tank that gives you the ability to really get out and ride without having to fill up as often. Many riders are going to appreciate the beefy tank. A classic Harley-Davidson® logo is stamped on there for some style as well.

Complete Control

The lightweight frame of the Softail® is your first ticket to free riding. You’ll feel extremely in control of this bike at all times, as it’s feathery frame gives you the power to really dominate your rides. The bike also has high performance shocks and suspension for a premium feel. The cartridge fork is in a racing decorum this year, so you’ll also feel like the bike is steady on the road at all times. When you command, this one listens. The Softail® Standard rides like a breeze.

About Twin States Harley-Davidson®

Twin States Harley-Davidson® is a proud part of the Lebanon NH area. We’re committed to our customers and to the motorcycles we love so much. Like you, we know what the Harley-Davidson® brand brings to Americans every year. These are bikes that entire cultures grew up around, and those cultures are still growing strong today. Our goal is to always represent the H-D® brand in a way that evolves our love of these bikes and our bond together.

Our huge inventory of Harley-Davidson® bikes have earned us more than a few awards over the years. Recently, we were given Shield Circle of Excellence and Gold and Silver Bar awards from the Harley-Davidson® brand itself. When you’re recognized by the brand you sell, there’s a definite sense of pride that kicks in and makes you want to continue going out there everyday and making H-D® proud. More than that, though, we want our customers to be proud that they picked a bike from our inventory.

As for our values, we believe in passion for the brand we sell, integrity in all we do, diligence in salesmanship, and most of all, enjoyment with our customers as we celebrate the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle as it is today. It’s our honor to serve Lebanon and surrounding areas with the pride we have each day in our life’s work. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to serve you this year. The team here is always a proud part of the community and aims to please each customer with elite customer service and outright friendliness. The quality of our inventory is always a source of pride for us, too. We keep these bikes shining for you until you’re ready to ride cause we know that when our bikes shine, our customers do, too.

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Thanks for helping us keep serving Lebanon Barre Swanzey Manchester with a love of the H-D® brand and the Softail® Standard specifically. If you’ve got any questions about this beautiful bike, just contact us by phone or in person right here in Lebanon.