2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ in Lebanon NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ in Lebanon NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ in Lebanon NH
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ Overview

As a finished product, the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ generates a ton of excitement. Its visuals are a throwback to plenty of 70s nostalgia. For example, the tank art is straight off a 70s H-D® bike. Twin States Harley-Davidson® happily welcomes the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ in Lebanon, and we welcome you, too! Our brief review is our way of serving Lebanon Barre Swanzey Manchester. Learning about a bike isn’t as fun as riding one, but it’s the most logical way to discover which bikes you really want to ride and make a part of your collection. We believe the Iron 1200™ is going to find room in plenty of hearts and garages. Most of all, though, it’s a sportster that will live on in memory for more than a little while.


Harley-Davidson® is a brand that creates legends just like the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ in Lebanon. They design their bikes to collaborate with a rider in a partnership of adventure and stability. The Iron 1200™ contributes mightily to Harley-Davidson®’s legendary designs.


The bikes of the past never leave our memory for long. And when we see a modern motorcycle that blends that heritage into its design, we instantly want to know more about that bike. The Café racer style solo seat and 70s graphics on the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ in Lebanon are just two throwback touches that make the Iron 1200™ so special. It comes in three legendary colors, too: Black Denim, Vivid Black, and Stone Washed White Pearl. The coloring of the tank art will vary depending on which of these colors you choose. Either way, this bike is a blast from the past serving Lebanon Barre Swanzey Manchester riders with a shot of nostalgia.

Versatile Adventure

The 1200cc Evolution engine is air-cooled and ready to give you dual capabilities. This one is just as at home on the highway as it is roaming around the city. It has a sprint that’s going to leave room for much exploration and even leisurely paces in the city if you’d like to kick it down a notch and just absorb the scenery. Having a motorcycle that can multitask is an advantage over those bikes that get stuck in just one niche. Your Iron 1200™ is capable of working around multiple terrains for a greater overall experience.

Lights Off

The blacked out look is is both classic and modern. Harley-Davidson® has always been a fan of the lights off approach to paints and accents. They started that trend. However, in recent years, they’ve really taken this blackout to a whole new level, and it’s paid off in a big way with modern audiences. The more intricate machinery of the modern era sports far more black than the bikes of the past. And with the occasional stroke of chrome here or there, it really stands out. The exhaust system on the Iron 1200™ is perhaps the clearest blacked out component.

About Twin States Harley-Davidson®

The Harley-Davidson® family of motorcycles are an annual classic. Whenever that lineup is released, we have thousands of people who want to learn more about each of the bikes and really know the devil in the details. We don’t blame any of our loyal customers to flocking toward the Harley-Davidson® brand. It’s as American as apple pie and baseball, just with rumbling engines instead of crust or crowds.

You’ll find the Iron 1200™ fits into the Harley-Davidson® family naturally. It’s certain to be a big part of our family here at Twin States Harley-Davidson®, too. Our dealership is a permanent fixture in the Lebanon NH area. Why? Well, we’ve been pretty good at what we do since we arrived here. Not only do we have one of the largest selections of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles to be found anywhere, but our sales team is excellent at friendliness and serving customers in whatever way customers need.

We’re versatile (just like the Iron 1200™). We speak with customers and get to know them, listen to their needs, and then we go to bat for those customers to fight hard at giving them the kind of buying experience they want. Twin States Harley-Davidson® is also a big part of biker culture here in the area. Our cookoffs and concerts and bike shows are epic in Lebanon. We know how to show Harley-Davidson® riders a great time. Most of all, though, we always stock the bikes, configurations, and accessories you want.

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The 2021 Iron 1200™ promises to be a legend in its own time. Find out more about this model by contact Twin States Harley-Davidson®.