2021 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® in Lebanon NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® in Lebanon NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® in Lebanon NH
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® Overview

A street motorcycle is constructed to give you a grand tour of any city you roam to. It’s built for sprinting through alleyways, cruising the boulevards, and exploring a hidden area or two in the city. It gets you a VIP access to Lebanon or any other city in America. Your 2021 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® is a grand example of just how truly good a street bike can be. Its entry into our lineup here at Twin States Harley-Davidson® caused quite a stir. People love this bike. It’s handsome, independent, and packed full of Harley-Davidson® spirit. Our review here is serving Lebanon Barre Swanzey Manchester bikers with a full preview of this popular street motorcycle.


The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® in Lebanon drew a lot of attention from even curious street bike lovers. If you’ve never owned a sportster type bike, this is the one you’d want to grab this year. There are a few choice reasons for that.

Thick Styling

Brawny styling is a hallmark of Harley-Davidson® bikes, but most street bikes don’t get this kind of full treatment. The fat tire on the Forty-Eight® makes it one beautiful specimen. And with forward foot controls, this one is a breeze to handle. An aggressive, forward riding stance lets you lean forward into the bike’s momentum and stay hands-on with every ride. You always feel like you’re a part of something special when you ride the Forty-Eight®. Above all, though, this is just a great looking motorcycle and one that will appeal even to people who might not be as into the street style.

Massive Front Styling

At heart, a motorcycle is a tool. Each one does something different for different kinds of riders. The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® in Lebanon is a “tool” that prefers to be a little more massive than the rest. And your tools within a tool are even grander. For example, the 49mm front fork in the front gets triple clamps. For greater handling capabilities, they gave this one cartridge damping. Not only does your bike look huge in the front, but it’s also going to give you big time performance.

Sharp Wheels

The wheels on this one are unique, with black rims and machined accents to make everything pop to life. Cast aluminum wheels make for a lighter ride and design, so you’ll find that the wheels don’t add much weight to the bike. Your wheels and tires are responsive to the ride as well thanks to a Foundation brake system set in stone there. When you need to stop, this bike obeys in a hurry. These are the high performance brakes that a great street bike needs. Your city riding is more stop and go, with fewer long stretches than highway riding. Brakes are just as important as the powertrain here. That said, the 1200cc Evolution engine isn’t going to disappoint riders any point along the way. This one is a V-twin with a mission: to rumble you anywhere you want to go.

About Twin States Harley-Davidson®

We’re glad you stopped by to learn more about the Forty-Eight®. Twin States is a Lebanon dealership that’s won awards for our performance, too. Just like the Harley-Davidson® brand, we believe in excellence, classic style, and good old-fashioned common sense. We know when you shop with us here that you want a large selection of H-D® bikes from a wide range of classes. Sometimes you want a touring. Sometimes you want a street bike like the Forty-Eight®. And then you want to be able to browse everything in-between over the years.

Our mission is to help you discover your new bike and to do so in a way that makes you feel lighthearted and comfortable during your time here. We want you to be psyched about rumbling home in your new Forty-Eight®. To accomplish that, we have lots of information and pics of the bike to share with you. In-person, we’re always up for a grand tour of any bike in our inventory. The team here seeks to simplify the life of every customer who depends on us for their next iconic H-D® bike.

Getting to know people in the Lebanon area has been the honor of a lifetime for us. We continue to see new customers each year, while still maintaining warm, friendly relationships with all our life-long customers. Some people have really been coming to us since the beginning, and we hope that our dealership continues to give Harley-Davidson® riders from all over the area a reason to look forward to their next bike. Test rides are one of our specialties, too. Don’t forget to get your very own free test ride of the Forty-Eight®.

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We look forward to serving Lebanon Barre Swanzey Manchester with another year of excellent service and limitless selection. Contact Twin States Harley-Davidson® if you’d like to learn more about the Forty-Eight®.